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Stella McCartney


The models for Stella McCartney’s spring/summer 2017 children’s collection, which was shot in Australia, are two kids who love travel, fashion and having fun.

Which was your favourite look from the shoot?

C: The white board shorts with the spaceships and the aeroplanes and the googly eyes. Remember? Where I jumped into the water from my surfboard. I liked surfing in those. S: The one where I was wearing the pink sunglasses with the fluoro shoes and the swimsuit with the crocodiles and palm trees. I loved that outfit.

What do you do to have fun

C: Umm... surf.

S: Well, I like to watch movies and I like to dance. I like to sing and I like to draw. Craft. I love to do craft.

What do you love about being by the sea?

C: I love being in the water and falling off my surfboard. I like to do cannonballs in the surf.

S: Swimming and lying in the sun. I like building sand castles and running around. I LOVE looking for seashells and starfish, especially crabs in the rock pools. Jumping off the rocks, too. That’s super fun.

When i grow up i want to be a ...

C: A builder. A diver. A climber. An uncle. Actually a daddy.

S: I don’t know. I think I know. Umm... I want to be a vet or otherwise a fashion designer. I want to be a mama with children and I want to be just me.

What do you love about holidays?

C: American eagles. Looking at the moon. Seeing stingrays. Bisons. Not going to kindergarten.

S: Well I get time away from school which is fun. I always have fun. I like to travel and I love going on planes for some reason.

Sugar, what's your favourite thing about your brother?

S: I think he is generous. He is cute and cuddly. I think he is just this boy that stands out in the world. I think he is quite brave.

Captain, how would you best describe your sister?

C: Beautiful. I love her. She’s loving. She is my best friend.

What was your favourite thing about doing this shoot with your family?

C: When I surfed all the way to shore and I didn’t fall off. We were all together. I liked getting on Mum’s shoulders and Dad helping me catch waves.

S: My favourite thing was going on the ferry with all the wind in my hair. I loved the clothes. I liked cuddling Mummy, and Nanny was there.

Do you have a secret talent?

C: Yes, I am Batman.

S: Yes, it is dancing and singing, and massages. I am good at giving Mummy massages. I’m serious.

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