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Brown’s Hotel is partnering with Sharky & George, London’s premier family party organisers, to get the whole family involved in imaginative and exciting games in the hotel and around London. Kids and big kids alike are invited to check in to the hotel and transform into detectives, explorers, foodies and undercover agents to embark on one of five quests.

Mystery at Brown’s

A favourite haunt of Agatha Christie, where better than Brown’s to begin solving the mystery of a missing person? Guests will travel back to the Roaring Twenties with Sharky & George’s chief detective and hunt for clues around London, encountering various characters with a possible motive, in order to help find Colonel Fawcett before it’s too late!

The Roosevelt Quest

In 1886, Theodore Roosevelt stayed at Brown’s the night before his marriage to Edith Carow; their wedding certificate was proudly displayed on the wall of the hotel’s reception until recently being stolen and replaced with a replica. Guests will be met at the hotel by an undercover spy who needs their help recovering the original document, a mission that will take them all around Mayfair meeting sleeper agents, unlocking briefcases and cryptexes and using UV torches hot on the tails of the thieves.

Phileas Fogg’s Food Challenge

As one of the most diverse food capitals of the world, London is the perfect place to undertake this immersive food tour. In their mission to save Phileas, families will be challenged to find food that represents as many countries as possible, touching, tasting, smelling, baking and experiencing fabulous food from all over the city.

The Brown’s Adventure Race

For competitive families, the Brown’s Adventure Race is the ideal challenge to complete a series of physical and mental challenges that will take them all over the city. At the end of the year, the family at the top of the leader board will win a return stay at Brown’s and a Sharky & George experience.

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