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Five star families love tips from other five star families, and three of Anguilla’s newest residents have spent their first few months on the island exploring and uncovering its best-kept secrets. Matt Harley, son, Sam, and Havanese dog, Kona – the family of Four Seasons General Manager Ilse Harley – have created the Expat Top Picks Guide, including everything from best drinks to must-do water sports, cliff jumping, dog-friendly beaches, incredible hideaways, potent rum punches and fresh guava banana smoothies.

Anguilla is about the size of Manhattan, but that’s where the similarity ends. The 26-kilometre-long, thin, tropical island has only five traffic lights and a single two-lane ‘highway’. With 33 beaches, coves and islands, there are many beautiful areas to explore. While some beaches feature fabulous toes-in-sand bars, colourful restaurants, horseback riding and water sports, others are completely private and guests might not see another person all day. If you want to explore the local culture and dine like an Anguillian, guests might opt to explore the ‘downtown’ restaurant row. Grilled corn on the cob, marinated fish served with rice and beans, and fresh juices are always on the menu.

Guests at the resort can request copies of the family’s carefully crafted Top Picks lists, or they can accompany the Harleys on a private, one-to-three-hour tour of the island. Below are a few of the Expat Top Picks:

Dad Matt Harley’s Top Picks:

Rum punch and music at Dune Preserve

An afternoon with Garvey at Sunshine Shack

A visit to Crocus Bay and kayaking to Little Bay

Fish tacos and Dean’s Green Supreme drink at Half Shell Beach Bar

Son Sam Harley’s Top Picks:

Guava banana smoothie at Bamboo Pool with Jacqui and the gang

Jumping off the cliff at Little Bay

Aqua Park

Walking to Blanchard’s Beach Shack for a milkshake

Family pet Kona’s Top Picks:

Walk along the salt ponds off John Hodge Road

Boat rides to Dog Island


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